VP Inspiration Day held in Copenhagen

May 19, 2015

The third annual Venuepoint Inspiration Day was held on the 7th of May 2015 in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

This year’s theme was the ever-relevant topic, “Communicating Cultural Events”, and to inspire all participants four keynote speakers, who all work with consumer-oriented communication, had been invited.

The common element of all presentations was how understanding your customers and their needs makes it easier to communicate with them.

Clara Zeller, Behavioural Designer, /KL.7

To communicate effectively with your customers, you have to know them. This means understanding your customers’ behaviour. Clara Zeller presented some of the insights of behavioural economics, and how these apply to the event industry. One of her main points was that most consumers describe themselves as more culturally active than they really are, causing survey results to be too ‘optimistic’ in terms of interest.

Another key takeaway was that we (humans) tend to abandon selection if choices are too many or too complicated. Some tricks can be applied, e.g. pointing attention to ‘most popular’, ‘few tickets left’ or ‘recommended’, as consumers appreciate help in choosing.

Thomas Stack, Customer Experience Manager, Albatros Travel

Thomas described how Albatros Travel focus on creating relationships with their customers and apply a constant focus on the customer experience – not to be confused with: kundeoplevelsen/ kundupplevelsen / kundeopplevelsen.

As the customer experience is the sum of all interactions with the company, a crucial point is mapping the entire customer journey through the company, from prior to purchase to after “the goods are delivered.” This could help to pinpoint the critical points where you should take advantage of the possibility of continuous dialogue with the customer – for example, the period from the customer buys his ticket and until the actual event.

Albatros Travel identified the need for pre-event information as a significant driver of customer experience, so rather than the customer having to spend time to search for information, the company ensure that the customer receives all relevant information by email. In this way the company meets the customer needs, while creating a good relationship between the customer and the company and are thereby also contributing to the customer experience.

Thomas recommended using ‘Net Promoter Score’ as a parameter instead of long surveys, providing the customer with the only important issue, namely the extent to which they will recommend your company to friends and family.

Thomas Erichsen, Head of Marketing, Tivoli

Tivoli works with a similar approach to customer relationships, analysing the customers through various touch points, before, during and after the visit.

Thomas described how this strategy allows the company to optimize all interactions with existing and potential customers, coordinating all communication channels from the same data.

A key point learned in Tivoli is that segmentation can be very tricky in the ticketing industry where customers can belong to several segments, depending on the context. One day the customer is there with her family, the next day she’s there with friends for a night out – and the needs are very different.

Thomas also pointed out, the importance not launching many new projects at the same time. Do it one step at a time, so your organization can follow.

Bård Flikke, Founder & Marketing Director, Pstereo (Norwegian festival)

Pstereo was founded in 2007 by three students. Because they had no financial means they used social media as their primary communication tool for advertising their festival and to get in touch with their customers. Bård highlighted in his presentation that it is important to understand that social media is dynamic and therefore a company must also be dynamic in its communication on an online media because customers follow the dynamics that social media creates.

Bård took us through the year-by-year changes to the festival and the communications, culminating in 2014, where the hashtag #recyclablememories was used to collect images from the visitors, which were then used in the poster for the next festival.

The key point for Pstereo when working with communication of your events: you must remember that it is all about the customer. Without the customers your events wouldn’t exist.

Networking sessions

Following the four presentations, network sessions were established and takeaways of the day were discussed. As most institutions have very limited resources, focus was on the easy-applicable improvements.

As always, it was great for the Venuepoint customers to exchange views and experience, so the day ended with high spirits, rollercoaster rides and dinner in the Tivoli Gardens.

Recommended reading

Behavioural Economics: “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman

Net Promoter Score: http://www.netpromotersystem.com/

Customer experience and customer focus: http://outsidein.forrester.com/