Venuepoint partners sweep By:Larm awardshow

March 9, 2015

During this years’ By:Larm festival in Oslo, Norske Konsertarrangører (NKA – A collaboration with most of the music venues, rhythmic music clubs and festivals in Norway) had their annual awards.

The award for “Best Poster” went to Rockeklubben i Porsgrunn (RIP) for their beautiful silk printed posters.

“Best Newcomer” went to the incredible team at Rockslo, who have made a great concept for youth under 20. The organization is driven by a group of young people in Oslo and they have developed a concept where young people can learn how to set up concerts, but in a safe and positive environment. They started collaborating with Venuepoint in 2013, and we expect much to come from these people the coming years.

The award for “Best Whole-year Venue” went to Musikkflekken in Sandvika, which Venuepoint has sold tickets for since 2012. A well-deserved prize for their volunteer work, for making a club for youth and young adults, by getting great headliners, good cost management, splendid advertising and their magnificient increase in ticket sales during 2014.

The award for “Best Festival of 2014″ went to the Pstereo Festival, which Venuepoint has sold tickets for since last year. Their program this year was a blast, the smart things they have done with crowd management, a ecologic and environmental-friendly set of mind, and the beautiful surroundings of Marinen – their festival arena – made the prize well deserved.

We bow our heads to all winners, and look forward to keep working with you!

(And just to be clear – we’re not saying that they won because they are Venuepoint partners. They won because they’re awesome. We may just hint that the awesome organizers all choose Venuepoint)