Making the most of organic social media

March 30, 2016

The digital world is huge and extensive, and so is the world of social media. The social media experts “out there” are numerous and they all have their view on how you should behave in the social media landscape. On March 1st 2016 we had the pleasure of presenting one of the best within digital marketing, Claire Mas, Head of Digital at Communion Music Group, to do a presentation and discussion of best practices in reaching out to consumers/ticket buyers in the music- and live industry. She spoke of Facebook, Instagram, adverts and advertising online.

Do’s and don’ts on Facebook and Instagram “Always remember to test your website on smartphones”. That was the first hands-on advice that Claire gave the audience. It should be obvious to everyone working with digital marketing to do this testing, but the reality is unfortunately different. Next: To create great content it is important to get the ticket buyers attention online. The music- and live industry has such great content to communicate, but many don’t know how to get the full potential from it. Claire recommended promoters to think “if I saw this post on Facebook, would I care?” If the answer is no, then you should put more effort into creating better content, otherwise the consequence will be: “The more you suck at creating content, the more you pay”, Claire said. On Facebook it’s all about exciting your super fans, they will be the ones to spread your content. It’s better to have a small group of super fans, than a large group of people who are not excited. “Facebook is not a content platform, Facebook is a connecting platform”, Claire continues. Instagram on the other hand is more about inspiring people and creating a world around something. Common for both Facebook and Instagram is that video content is essential. A 10 or 20 second video with text overlay that also works without sound is a good idea. On Instagram you can use the apps like Hyperlapse and Boomerang to turn moments into something fun and unexpected.

Adverts and advertising on Facebook - match the environment In relation to adverts and advertising on Facebook, Claire highlighted the importance of targeting and to do an A-B testing of your adverts. Facebook changes every day and you must create posts that match the environment. Users do not want to be exposed to the same picture day after day; they simply won’t read the content – so change the advert picture after a maximum of 2-3 days exposure. Claire ended the presentation by briefly touching upon Facebook Canvas, which is a great tool that takes the regular add to a new level and uses the whole screen when presenting adds and articles.

Some good advice from Claire Mas: • Test your website on smartphones • Excite your Super fans • Make video content – make sure it works in landscape format (Facebook) • Do not upload link and picture in the same post (Facebook) • Use e.g. the apps Hyperlapse and Boomerang (Instagram) • Check out Facebook Canvas

More info: Claire Mas, Head of digital at Communion Music Group. Claire is an often used speaker and has for instance presented at BY:Larm Festival, Primavera Festival, The Great Escape, MIDEM, Iceland Airwaves etc.

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