Festival analysis – Why loyalty matters

September 7, 2015

Many festivals work hard at building up loyalty among their ticket buyers, from a belief that loyal festivalgoers take less persuasion (and thus, marketing cost) to buy the ticket. And as a festival is a very social event, ticket buyers incur more ticket purchases, from friends and family.

So how are festivals performing? We had a look at a selection of our larger festivals, and analysed the share of repeat buys, and generally festivals are very capable in creating loyalty. And as this is a match on email addresses (and buyers) real figures are even higher, but this gives a very good indication of how a festival is performing.

The festival at the top of the chart is Northside, so we asked them how they build loyalty. “We seek and wish to be a very accessible festival, and to communicate as openly and honestly as possible. That’s why customer data, insights and surveys are extremely important for us, as better understanding of our audience makes us able to better communicate with them, and target our campaigns”, says Flemming Myllerup.

To top it all off, we looked into the behaviour of loyalty customers, and new customers buy the ticket 59 days before the festival, on average, while the repeat customer buys the ticket 78 days before the festival (thus improving cash flow, and reducing marketing spend).

So…are you doing enough to stimulate loyalty?

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