Case Story: How Horsens Ny Teater boosted F&B sales

October 18, 2015

The last few years, product sales have been a hot topic. The financial situation of venues is under pressure, as artist fees increase and public funding decreases, so boosting product sales, and especially F&B sales, has been seen as a way to compensate for this.

Venues seem to be pursuing different strategies – some are restricting F&B sales to their own bars or restaurants, others are promoting local partners, but Horsens Ny Teater took another approach.

“We focused on providing the best customer experience, which meant offering a wide selection of both restaurants and hotels. Obviously we’d prefer that customers choose our inhouse restaurant, but primarily we wanted to get people used to booking a meal when ordering tickets”, says Lone Wessel, managing director of HNT.

“The competition is not that people go elsewhere, it’s that they eat at home, so we decided to provide them with inspiration which meant offering them a wide range of options”, she continues.

A long process…but it worked…

The results have been very positive, with F&B sales increasing significantly. In Horsens Ny Teater, they attribute this to stimulating their customers into ‘making a night of it’, and increasing their total spend when eating in the restaurants.

“It’s very clear to see that when people have paid for the meal in advance, they are much more inclined to buying a welcome drink, or an extra glass of wine”, says Lone Wessel, and continues: “When you know you’ll end up with a bill of 100-200 kroner, it doesn’t seem like that big a deal – but it is for us!”

“We pushed for this possibility a long time, and we still have some issues for Venuepoint to sort out, but we’re getting there”, says Marianne Markussen, head of administration at Horsens Ny Teater.

And as HNT offer the same setup on all shows and concerts, administration has not been that complex, explains Marianne: “We have set it up once, and can then apply the same setup to all our events, both as part of the ticket buying process and as a stand alone module.”

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