Venuepoint launches new seat picker

October 16, 2015

Venuepoint has upgraded the buying process with a new seat picker both in Boxoffice (for ticket sellers) and online (for ticket buyers). Venuepoint has developed the new seat picker in close relationship with Den Norske Opera & Ballett, who has been involved from initiation to launch.

“To meet the users’ increasing demand to use smart phones as an important sales channel and our goal of increasing conversion and reaching a digital web share of 80%, it was of great importance to us to have the seat picker and the hall overview improved,” says Magne Bjella, Manager of New Media, Den Norske Opera & Ballett.

The seat picker was launched in its final version to all Venuepoint’s customers 23rd September 2015.

Improved experience for both buyers and sellers

The main objective has been to improve the experience when selecting seats by introduction of an intuitive overview of the seat map which can be navigated by drag and drop both on smart phone, tablet and computer.

“After the first day of implementation of the new seat picker we have seen sales on the mobile platform increasing enormously and conversion has increased significantly compared to last year. This confirms that users wish to use online and mobile platforms, as long at they are made user-friendly,” says Magne Bjella.

Another key improvement is that seat selection is no longer bound to a pre-set choice of section and price zone. Ticket buyers can now use filters while keeping a full overview of their seating options. For those who haven’t been to the venue before, there’s also a possibility of previewing the view from the different sections.

For those handling the ticket sales, the same improvements have been made to the Boxoffice module, making it possible to easily serve customers with a full view of the ticket availability and a mini map for quick navigation and a number of new sales features.

“We look forward to continuing the constructive and dedicated cooperation with Venuepoint towards the common goal of growing the best digital channels in the market,” concludes Magne Bjella.

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