Does your ticketing system speak ERP?

August 8, 2015

In Venuepoint, we believe that time should be spent on the things that matter most and create value. And manually transferring information from the ticketing system to your ERP system just isn’t that value-creating (if not a complete waste of time). Add to that the risk of error and additional time spent tracking down the error, and frustrations rise.

Using the Financial Data Export Service from Venuepoint, GöteborgsOperan have now automated this process, so all information is transferred to their ERP system, without hassle and errors.

“The file transfer between Venuepoint and our ERP system has reduced our manuel processes. The new workflow also decreases the risk of errors, but above all it saves us a lot of time” says Anja Sommer, accounting responsible at GöteborgsOperan.

Over the coming months, Venuepoint will continue work to make this an out-of-the-box product towards the most common ERP programs.

“We see a huge potential for most venues and promoters in this service, making for easy reporting and easy tracking of sales versus budget. Without the manual processes and waste of time” says Jonas Gillsander, head of the Venuepoint Finance department. He continues, “we aim at being able to set up the data export in less than a day, and all it takes is a mapping of data dimensions in the ERP system”.

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