New payment options improves conversion and customer satisfaction

June 9, 2015

very month conversion declines over the month, with more abandoned purchases in the last part of the month, as people decide to wait for payday.

We see it very clearly in our tracking, and it represents a great pain point in the business. It means reduced ticket sales (from those who never return) or postponed sales (for those who do return), giving the wrong impression of sales and thus affecting marketing decisions.

To make the buying decision as easy as possible, we’re introducing a range of payment options to the end customer. It’ll now be possible to postpone payment for 10, 20 or 30 days, or to divide payments to better suit the budget. Ticket buyers can even pay after the event.

First impression is that there is great interest, so we’re confident that this will increase conversion and give a better impression of actual buying intentions. And better customer experience.

Venuepoint will handle all elements and the organizer will get the money as if the customer paid immediately. This can be done through a close collaboration with Egmont, backing the financial impact on liquidity, and a dedicated team handling customer communications and processes. And if the customer doesn’t complete the payment? Venuepoint will take the bill.

So to sum it up: Better ticket sales, happier customers, and no risk to organizers.

Hope you like it.

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