VP Inspiration: Do you know your top customers?

May 13, 2015

Ask someone who owns a restaurant, a pub or a hardware store, and they’ll probably say ‘yes’. But how about you?

A company’s top customers normally bring in a large portion of the revenue, especially if seen over time, and anyone with a retail store, restaurant or bar will tell you that they cater for their most loyal customers. Why? Because these customers are not only important in terms of revenue, but are probably also the ones most likely to refer others to you.

So back to the key question – do you know who your top customers are? And if so, do you have a relation with them?

If you don’t, take out report #95 in the Venuepoint system, and read through your top 10 customers – and how much they’ve bought over the last six or twelve months.

And then – what can you do? Well, you can send them a present or offer them a discount on their next purchase, but the most important thing is probably to get to know them. You should know who they are, why they buy so many tickets, and what matters to them. So make a special event for them, offer them a behind-the-scenes prior to a concert, or something else that gives you the opportunity of speaking to them.

We are pretty sure that it’ll be worth your time – these customers can probably also give you a few pointers on how to improve your venue.